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Are you looking for a small portable computer for work or entertainment? How do you react on the fact, that you can get a high qualitative Dell Mini Laptop for free?

An appearance of the Dell Mini Laptop is, perhaps, the strongest feature of this portable computer. Its designers have done everything to minimize the thickness and weight of the body, so the device is almost the easiest and thin. It weighs just 1.6 pounds and it is very comfortable, you can carry it with you constantly without feeling of heaviness. As for the question of weight and size, it should be noted the PSU Mini 10. The size and the weight are not much more than a modern charger for the mobile phones.

Dell Mini Laptop has a rounded lid with a black glossy cover, black keyboard, a light gray matte working surface and a matte black bottom. If we say briefly, the contemplation of this device keeps very positive impression. This gadget is based on Intel Atom Z520 processor and chipset Intel SCH US15W, which are famous for low power consumption. As for the cooling system it’s a passive device, there are no coolers and no noise. In addition, the cooler and the radiator system obviously would increase the thickness and weight of the machine. Positive experiences have left the mechanics of the keyboard. The keys have a small move, and clearly indicate pressing.

This Laptop has – as mentioned a Z520 1.33 GHz processor.

The LCD screen of 10.1-inches and 1024 x 576 pixels is, produced by AU Optronics Corporation.

This company is the third largest producer of the LCD screens in the world and the largest in Taiwan.

As you can see, the screen has a glossy stylish cover.  The last thing to note is the very good horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

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