Free HP Envy

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Nowadays everyone  needs better, faster and much more functional computers to accomplish the required tasks and work.

If you wish to purchase a laptop, you won’t get the best bet simply because you’ll have a superb laptop for totally free.

Hewlett Packard Envy is strict, gentle, nice and extremely elegant, it’ll delight anybody.

This great Laptop body is made of the magnesium alloy, material of high resistance and excellent lightness, while top of the lid is decorated using the masterfully performed ornament, that is repeated within the space underneath the keyboard.

Everything with the LCD 15,6 inch screen weighs only 2.4 kg, and it is thickness – is just 24 mm.

But Envy isn’t just a mare presentation of style and design. It so much more.

Apple Core i5  2.53 GHz, 4GB of RAM,(RAM can be added) and two hard drives both of 500GB capacity.

To handle advanced 3d graphics it uses AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5650 video card with 1GB of memory.

Envy demonstrated that it is indeed truly great.

HP demonstrated focus on details which is worth mentioning.

The laptop keyboard doesn’t just look great, it’s very enjoyable to make use of.

keys are pressed silently and a soft red-colored light within the the day is hardly noticeable, but at night helps tremendously.

Design of the keys is standard for that Hewlett Packard notebook computers

lack of garlands and extra touch keys is really a large plus for that design.

The HP Envy is a solid piece of today’s technology!

 Don’t hesitate and get your free HP Envy laptop now!


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